Decisions based on data The majority of business decisions should be made based on data but rarely are. It's ideal to keep emotions out of it and use experts that can read brand data. This information is not always available and often not entirely reliable. Every business should have a strong foundation capable of gathering information that can feed the right decisions and create the most profitable paths.


The first step is to use Google Tag Manager to plant all the codes and scripts in the right spots. This allows our data scientists to gather all the information needed. This often takes a month if no data is available when starting.


Once the roots catch all the available information that it's weeded through to find what's actually useful. This begins the growth of a clearer road map that helps prepare brands for the next level.


After an average of about two months, it's time to create the right connections and begin to find the right messaging. This is the harvest period because it connects all the data lines to extract the most of your current business model. 

Creating paths, stop searching in the dark

One of the many wonders of having a profitable brand is the detailed insight of every step in your customers’ journey. Knowing this will allow a brand to create red hot twenty four seven sales machines that effectively engage with the right audience segment at the right time.

CASE STUDY: 10X RESULTS How we helped a marketing company find that sweet spot with Google Ads

One of the companies we helped in 2019 was a white label marketing company. They were having success with their products and services but didn't have the bandwidth to explore every avenue, especially Google Ads. This is where Clickstein came in with our team of tracking experts and data scientists. With proper tracking and genius ad copy we took their revenue from Google ads from $80,000 a month to $800,000. Check out the results!