A lasting connection We believe sales and marketing should have a constant double-sided communications method and every business has particular dynamics to build it. This never-ending conversation should create a more deep understanding of the relationship between clients and your business.

Beyond Boring Meetings

We have all been in a company that had very boring (and highly unproductive) mandatory meetings. The key element for this conversation is to keep it dynamic and constant so new and relevant information can be provided.

The method

Each business has different ways to do things for the sake of efficiency and time-saving. We'll find the best way to have these conversations for your employees and the business.

The channel

Some people like text others prefer to hear and talk. Whatever the way needs to be to create a concrete dialogue between sales and marketing.

The content

The stuff that really matters this is what differentiates a boring meeting from a highly productive one. Let's pre-determine what's useful information for each one to have.

The follow-ups 

As stated before this is a never-ending conversation, we will always go back and forth between what worked and what didn't. It's key to get this part right so we can move forward with new information.

Leave Your Baggage at the Office

Our sales lab is a great moment to take a break from the office and let loose all creative instincts. It’s more than sharing information between sales and marketing, it’s about creating an innovative based type of relation to be able to speak a common language that brings the best out of both.